Hai Qing, Tong Yao play sisters-in-law in upcoming modern drama

Life Is A Long Quiet River 心居 stars Hai Qing as Feng Xiaoqin, a strong-willed countryside woman who married into the well-off Gu family a decade ago. She persuades her husband Gu Lei to borrow money from his twin sister Gu Qingyu (Tong Yao) to buy a house, yet is politely rejected by the latter.

The tensions between the two women grow after Gu Lei’s death, and the drama will focus on the two women’s attempts to find their place, understand each other and mend the relationship. Zhang Songwen costars as a rich Shanghai businessman who is madly in love with Gu Qingyu, while Feng Shaofeng plays her first love.

Based on Teng Xiaolan’s novel of the same name, the 36 episode drama is directed by Teng Huatao (Love Is Not Blind, Shanghai Fortress) and will wrap up filming within the month.

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