Promo Round-up: The Day of Becoming You

I am loving all the trailers for The Day of Becoming You, an iQiyi rom-com that focuses on the fish-out-of-water scenarios when a superstar (Zhang Xincheng) body-swaps with an entertainment reporter (Liang Jie). If this setup is going to last for at least half the show, I think I’ll be in for the ride.

The drama will be English-subbed on iQiyi beginning tomorrow at noon (June 17th 12pm CN time).

Trailer 1, BTS, Zhang Xincheng BTS, Special

1 thought on “Promo Round-up: The Day of Becoming You

  1. LOL! This looks so cute. I wasn’t interested previously, but the trailer’s caught my attention. I also think Steven Zhang suits these kinds of roles. I just finished reading and am currently watching No Doubt In Us. This definitely reminds me of it, with the whole body swap thing.

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