Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi in character for Love Never Fails

Love and Redemption costars Yuan Bingyan and Liu Xueyi will be leading Love Never Fails 落花时节又逢君, an upcoming xianxia drama based on Shuke’s novel of the same name. They will be play deities with differing beliefs – Yuan Bingyan’s character treasures the ability to feel human emotions, while the Liu Xueyi is initially set on turning her into an unfeeling and powerful god.

Hongning (Yuan Bingyan) is a red camellia flower trying to cultivate to become an immortal so she can one day marry the Flower God Jinxiu (Liu Xueyi). Jinxiu is unmoved, and encourages her to focus on cultivation instead. Hongning spends hundreds of years trying to thaw Jinxiu’s frozen heart, though eventually begins to question her goal after undergoing several mortal trials.

The 40 episode Mango TV web drama is directed by Zhao Lijun and Yingying Lu (Where The Lost Ones Go) and began filming today.

Ao Ruipeng as the powerful god Kunlun / Bai Ling. Unlike Jinxiu, he lives for love, and would do anything for Hongning.

Xu Xiaonuo as Lu Yao

2 thoughts on “Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi in character for Love Never Fails

  1. Hmm, sounds a little similar to their roles in Love and Redemption with the whole unfeeling powerful god, focus on cultivation, wanting to connect with emotions, etc. I know it’s going to be a completely different plot and this is just one aspect, but it’s still deja vu.

    • I tried looking up the novel and translating the synopsis. Sounds pretty different from Love and Redemption. If it’s a popular novel, hopefully it’ll be a good drama adaptation.

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