Bai Jingting, Zhao Jinmai star in time-loop thriller Reset

Daylight Entertainment never disappoints as he returns with one of the most innovative set-ups for a drama yet. Based on the book of the same name, Reset 开端 tells of two groups of people stuck in a time loop where they keep returning to the beginning of a day or incident. Part crime thriller and part 50 First Dates, the novel could be one of the most fun adaptations of late. The series will be directed by Sun Molong (Minning Town), Suan (Mad House), and Liu Hongyuan.

In part one, Li Shiqing (Zhao Jinmai) experiences death over and over again on a bus, with each loop sending her back to the bus and back in time. To get off the bus, she accidentally dragged fellow passenger Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting ) into the time loop. The two must try everything to make sure the bus gets to its destination safely to close the time loop.

Unbeknownst to them, Song Bodao is a delivery man also stuck in a separate but connected time loop. He is tasked with finishing his deliveries for the day, but for some reason can never deliver all of them, especially a package to someone called Xiao Heyun. Along the way, he finds pets and people in need of help, and helps them over and over again every day. One of them is writer Qin Rourou. She is immediately taken by his story and decides to help him decipher the solution to the time loop. They begin to date and fall back in love every day as he delivers her cat food to her and re-tells her their story. It looks like the second half will be filmed as a sequel rather than simultaneously, but parts could be really good both stand-alone or filmed together.

5 thoughts on “Bai Jingting, Zhao Jinmai star in time-loop thriller Reset

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  2. I don’t know about Daylight and suspense genre, can’t say I had positive impression with LMiYD or Snail one with Wang Zhiwen… They felt more like chick-lit masquerading as suspense, though that prob has more to do with source material

    • Other than both having a time-loop concept, not really, and China has so many time-loop novels nowadays it is its own genre. The whole story is mostly contained on the bus and as it unfolds you find out the stories of each person on the bus. This one is super down-to-earth and just about regular people trying to live their lives.

      • Thanks. Sounds like it’s not really a crime suspense genre. I’ll put this on my watch list, since it’s produced by Daylight. I only lasted 3 re-lives of Sisyphus and I got bored.

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