Promo Round-up: My Dear Guardian

My Dear Guardian 爱上特种兵, formerly Dear Military Uniform stars Huang Jingyu as a special forces soldier (again) and Li Qin as a doctor.

The 40 episode drama releases 2 episodes every Tuesday to Thursday on iQiyi.

Behind-the-scenes, Theme song by Hu Xia

4 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: My Dear Guardian

  1. Part 2 of My Dear Guardian pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. im not satisfied of the ending….more movie Johnny and Li Qin together action romance hopefully…..

  2. I have watched the first couple episodes. Li Qin’s character is too silly and immature for words and she is supposed to be a qualified doctor with military training. Gosh, how would such a person even survived basic military training, which all military personnel have to?
    The medical scenes and dialogue are too far from realism. She is supposed to be a
    qualified doctor and yet acted like a 1st year student tearing up and freezing in shock.
    This drama is not worth the time.

  3. Huang Jingyu should play Marc in the upcoming drama adaptation of 灵笼. He fits the character role very well.

  4. Does everything come in doubles? Wasn’t there just a drama that came out between a medic and soldier with Ma Sichun and Bai Jingting?

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