Promo Round-up: The Dance of the Storm

The Dance of the Storm stars William Chan as an ex-bodyguard who returns to the company that once hired him to find the killer of his good friend. Nazha costars as his love interest. [Extended Synopsis]

The drama releases 2 episodes every Sunday – Wednesday on iQiyi / Youku / Tencent.

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1 thought on “Promo Round-up: The Dance of the Storm

  1. I guess, if comrades would be using brain, normal people would prepare shorter number of episodes, or divide it into two seasons. I love the cast, but honestly, what kind of action, detective drama (including Western world) has quality for 40 episodes? I expect, that first few episodes could be fun. I would like to be wrong, but I know Chinese modus operandi and circumstances of their industry too well. Is it my echo, or William Chan speaks for himself here? I hate dubbing of Hong Kong, Taiwanese actors…

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