First stills for Yu Shuxin, Dylan Wang’s period romance

Eternal Love / Parting of the Orchid and Demon King 苍兰诀 (lit.) stars Yu Shuxin as Little Orchid Flower, the reincarnation of a powerful goddess whose clan was massacred by demon lord Dongfang Qingcang (Dylan Wang). Little Orchid Flower unwittingly releases him from captivity, and a torturous romance begins.

Nice eyeliner?

The 36 episode web drama is directed by Yi Zheng (Young Blood).

Xu Haiqiao as Rong Hao
Guo Xiaoting as Lady of the Empty Lands
Zhang Linghe as Changheng
Lin Borui as Shangque
Wang Yueyi as Danyin
Hong Xiao as Jieli
Zhang Chenxiao as Xunfeng

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