Promo Round-up: Upcoming Youku dramas

The Story of Xing Fu – Zhao Liying

Here’s a round up of new trailers and posters for some upcoming Youku dramas, which run the gamut from grounded family dramas to cheesy rom-coms. I’ve included one-liner introductions for the dramas we haven’t posted about – which shows are you looking forward to most?

As Long As We Are Together – Zhao Wei x Qin Hao

Challenges at Midlife – Lei Jiayin x Yuan Quan

Xiaomin’s Home – Zhou Xun, Huang Lei, Tang Yixin,

Pride and Price – Song Jia, Anita Yuen

The Flaming Heart 你好,火焰蓝 – Gong Jun (firefighter) x Zhang Huiwen (doctor)

South Wind Knows My Mood – Cheng Yi x Zhang Yuxi

Why Women Love 不会恋爱的我们 – Jin Chen as the female boss x Wang Ziyi as the fuerdai assistant
Master of My Own 请叫我总监 – Lin Gengxin as the successful investment banker x Tan Songyun as his former subordinate who slowly works her way up the ladder
Huan Xisha – Tong Liya as Xi Shi and Chen Duling as Zheng Dan
Two Conjectures About Marriage – Yang Zishan x Peng Guanying
Retro Detective – Zhang Zhehan, Hao Ping as detectives with different views on how to solve cases
Five Great Thieves – Wang Talu x Ren Min, “Republican fantasy wuxia drama”
Litter to Glitter 燃烧吧 废柴!- Wang Yanlin x Cheng Xiaomeng. Revolves around a bankrupt boss works his way up again.
The Silence of the Monster – Bi Wenjun, Zhu Zhengting, Sun Yihan, Zhang Bojia

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  1. Curious about Pride and Price because I got kdrama SKY Castle vibes from it… a psychological satire soap opera? Am I expecting too much lol.

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