Promo Round-up: The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad stars Dilraba as a Tang dynasty princess on the run, and Wu Lei as an enemy general and her love interest. [Extended Synopsis]

The 50 episode drama will premiere tonight at 10:30pm (CN time), continue releasing 2 episodes on Thursday and Friday at 8pm and then revert to a Monday-Wednesday release schedule from next week onwards.

Dilraba as Li Changge
Wu Lei as Ashile Sun (formerly Ashina Sun)
Liu Yuning as Hao Du, loyal subordinate of Chancellor Du Ruhui. He is tasked with chasing down and assassinating Li Changge.
Zhao Lusi as Li Shimin’s daughter Li Leyan (Li Changge’s cousin). She is involved in a love triangle with Hao Du and Wei Shuyu.
Fang Yilun as Wei Shuyu, a nobleman who has a crush on Li Changge

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