Photoshoot Round-up: Bazaar Icons

A round-up of perfectly photoshopped (or not) pictures of the stars ahead of the Bazaar event tonight. Which look(s) do you like the most?

And neither does Zhong Chuxi.
He Sui
Liu Shishi – I love how she’s really stepped out of her comfort zone over the past year when it comes to red carpet fashion.
Zhao Liying
Song Qian in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture
Zhang Xiaofei
Jin Chen in Prada
Angelababy – I almost thought this was some sort of makeup ad
Yang Zi
Yang Caiyu
Xin Zhilei
Li Xian
Bai Jingting – what’s up with the hairstyle?
Bai Yu – same question as above
Zhang Binbin – currently enjoying a nice surge in popularity due to Siteng / Rattan.
Zeng Shunxi
Gong Jun – a breakout star thanks to the success of Word of Honor

1 thought on “Photoshoot Round-up: Bazaar Icons

  1. I loved all the women’s dresses except for maybe Jin Chen’s. Ni Ni looks like she came out of an oil painting. Zhong Chuxi is always so fun and bold. This is a new look for Liu Shishi and imo hard to pull off for most people and she killed it! Also one of the best Yang Zi looks recently. Victoria and Angelababy are both in their comfort zone and both looks great as usual. Zhang Xiaofei’s is simple but fits her so well. I love Xin Zhilei’s dress and had it on my wishlist for another actress when I first saw it, but she pulled it off well.

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