Chuang 2021’s Homoerotic Photoshoot

It’s not a new year of idol group survival shows without a Gabrielle photoshoot, so here’s the fun homoerotic one for this year’s current breakaway favorite, Chuang 2021.

Realizing that it’s going to be tough fighting for boyband member hopefuls between three streaming services for the fifth year in a row, Chuang 2021 made the smart move to bring in a ton of international contestants, especially from Japan, to make both the competition and also the interactions interesting. And it worked! I honestly don’t have attachments to any of them since I have yet to find a boyband hopeful hotter than Lu Keran, but the show is hilarious to watch as a comedy.

Lelush, the only contestant who have asked people to vote him off the island.
The current top three – Liu Yu, Santa, and Rikimaru

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