Promo round-up: Palace of Devotion

Palace of Devotion (previously Poetry of the Song Dynasty) stars Liu Tao as Liu E and chronicles her ascent to power and relationship with husband Emperor Zhenzong of Song (Vic Chou). [Extended]

The 61 episode drama releases 2 episodes every day except Friday on iQiyi/Tencent/Youku.

Teaser 2, Theme song by Tan Weiwei

Liu Tao as Liu E (Wang Kai’s mother in Serenade of Peaceful Joy)
Qi Xi as Guo Qingyi
Liang Zhenghua as chancellor Kou Zhun
Tu Men as Taizong of Song
Gui Yalei as Liao empress Xiao Chuo (aka Tang Yan in Legend of Xiao Chuo)
Winston Chao as Zhao Tingmei, Taizong’s younger brother

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