Married with kids: Wu Qian, Zhang Yujian

This Weibo post from Zhang Yujian confirms the open secret that he is married to I Only Like You costar Wu Qian, and that the two have a daughter. Congrats to the couple!

The actor is visibly annoyed that he was forced to make the announcement because the paparazzi wouldn’t leave his family alone (as anyone would be), but reactions were mixed given his handling of the rumours over the past year:

We dated, married, and now have an adorable child – steps were taken to ensure all legal procedures were completed. It’s okay if you reproach me, because I don’t know you, and don’t have to tell you anything. I only want my kid to have a normal childhood – you really shouldn’t have taken pictures of my daughter and revealed her name. It is her parents’ fault that she wasn’t protected well enough. Her mother is also very upset. Make sure this doesn’t happen again.

1 thought on “Married with kids: Wu Qian, Zhang Yujian

  1. Both of them are very good actors..Both do not need to be worshipped like Idols. They just want to be normal people who lead normal lifes.. Good on Them…The recent exposure of young mums like Janice & Olivia is clearly to take attention away from disgusing Zheng Shuang’s babies abandonment scandal. Just leave those loving mums alone, they did not abandom their kids for their career!!!

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