Jing Tian, Cheng Yi begin filming upcoming xianxia romance

Update 04/02: H&R Century has reached an agreement with their own artiste Yang Zi for her to take on the role, despite an initial rejection from the actress.

Agarwood Like Crumbs (lit.) 沉香如屑 stars Jing Tian (Rattan) as Yan Dan, descendant of the four-leaf lotus, meaning she is a medicinal wonder from head to toe. After transforming into human form, she encounters her love trial in Lord Yingyuan (Cheng Yi).

As with all deity romances, the first lifetime never ends happily, and Yan Dan spends 800 years trying to forget her first love with the help of her new friend Yu Mo. Together, they journey across the mortal world doing good deeds, yet are constantly tracked by righteous demon hunter Tang Zhou, the human reincarnation of Yingyuan. Tang Zhou eventually joins the pair on their travels, and the trio embark on a quest to gather four ancient artefacts.

The drama is helmed by Guo Hu and Ren Haitao (second directors on Love and Destiny) and written by Zhang Yuan’ang (Ultimate Note, Tingxue Tower).

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  1. a big yawn to me…the English title is weird. Storyline sounds like a rehash of so many other dramas.

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