Zhou Xun, Huang Lei begin filming upcoming family drama Xiaomin’s Home

I loved A Little Reunion, and I am so pumped for this show.

Xiaomin’s Home 小敏家 is helmed by Wang Jun (Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, A Little Reunion) and reunites April Rhapsody and Ripening Orange costars Zhou Xun and Huang Lei after almost two decades.

Sisters Liu Xiaomin (Zhou Xun) and Liu Xiaojie (Tang Yixin) both decide to divorce in their 30s after suffering from unhappy marriages. Xiaomin leaves her hometown and decides to find a job in Beijing, and befriends divorcee Chen Zhuo (Huang Lei) in the process. They decide to marry, though experience strong pushback from Xiaomin’s ex-husband Jin Bo (Tu Songyan) and teenage son Jin Jiajun (Zhou Yiran) as well as Chen Zhuo’s teenage daughter Chen Jiajia (Xiang Hanzhi) and ex-wife Li Ping (Qin Hailu).

Liu Xiaojie initially had no intentions to remarry, though is courted by young bachelor Xu Zheng. He’s never married, and their relationship is vehemently opposed by his parents.

Costars include Liu Lili as the sisters’ mother Wang Sumin and Han Tongsheng as Chen Zhuo’s father Chen Tianfu. With a script by Huang Lei (A Little Reunion), the drama began filming today.

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