Wuxia bromance Word of Honor releases first trailer

Word of Honor (previously A Tale of the Wanderers) has released its first trailer, and after watching it I have no idea what the main plot is. Starring Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun and Zhou Ye, the 36 episode drama is premiering tonight. within the next couple of days on Youku.

Edit: The series will begin streaming tonight at 6pm CN time. Members can watch 1 episode a day (4 tonight) and pay to watch in advance beginning March 19th.

2 thoughts on “Wuxia bromance Word of Honor releases first trailer

  1. Gong Jun looks so ethereal and Zhang Zhehan looks steely. They both fit costume dramas well.

    I thought that production of BL dramas and even bromance dramas will be banned from now on. Perhaps I have been misinformed?

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