Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Luyi, Wang Yaoqing cast in upcoming modern romance

Tangren (Chinese Paladin 1 & 3, Bubu Jingxin) has hired former employee Lin Yufen (Love O2O, Eternal Love, Love and Destiny) to helm Perfect Couple 完美伴侣, a story that focuses on the shaky marriage between a top securities lawyer (Gao Yuanyuan) and her house husband (Zhang Luyi).

Wang Yaoqing costars as investment banker Lin Qingkun, the client the heroine’s law firm desperately needs. The main couple both seem to find more suitable matches, but end up realising that despite their imperfections, they can still work things out together.

The 40 episode drama began filming a few days ago.

Wang Zhen’er as Wu Min

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