Dilraba, Ren Jialun begin filming fantasy romance The Blue Whisper

Part 1 of The Blue Whisper is titled Our First Encounter 驭鲛记之与君初相识 and stars Dilraba as Ji Yunhe, the most powerful demon controller in the valley. She is ordered by Princess Shunde to tame the beautiful merman Changyi (Ren Jialun) and have him do three things: speak the human language, transform the tail into a pair legs and stay absolutely loyal to the princess. Unfortunately, their difference in social status and race leads to several misunderstandings, and their romance takes a melodramatic turn.

Part 2 is titled The Return of An Old Friend 恰似故人归 and introduces Changyi as the powerful ruler of the Northern Lands. He went to great lengths to assimilate into human society, and has now taken Ji Yunhe prisoner. The series will revolve around the torturous relationship between the former lovers, and I’m pretty sure the screenwriter will extend their misunderstandings for as long as possible (not that I’m complaining).

Costars include Xiao Shunyao (The Advisors Alliance) and Guo Xiaoting (We Are All Alone).

Based off the novel by Jiulu Feixiang (The Legends), the 30+30 episode drama is directed by Zhui Ruibin (Ashes of Love).

Concept poster by Zhang Yu

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