Promo Round-up: Linglong

Tangren’s xianxia drama Linglong stars Lin Yi as the young emperor who is out to save the world, Zhao Jinmai as a young girl with the power of the gods and Yuan Hong as her father.

The drama releases 2 eps every Fri-Sat on Tencent and Mango TV (as always, VIP members get a head start).

Insert song by Zhang Zining

Cai Wenjing as Yinzhuang
Xin Yunlai as Yinxiao

4 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Linglong

  1. I really like the drama so far (up to ep 8). It’s like a wuxia drama in a fantasy world. I like the vibrant colors and the green screen/CGI scenes work for me. I’m also impressed with the wuxia choreography, especially the fight on the flying fish airship (yes that’s a thing!) with Yin Xiao against Wu Yan and the thugs. Actually all the fight scenes with Yin Xiao are pretty cool IMO =P. I like that the FL is the hero and central to their adventure to save the world. She’s smart, courageous, righteous and decisive. So refreshing.

    Yuan Hong is actually billed as the ML and is listed before Lin Yi on the poster, drama opening credits, Tencent Youtube channel and Baidu. He is 20 years older than Zhao Jinmai and both are age appropriate for their roles. ZJM was 16-17 when the drama was filmed and is perfect as Ling Long. YH and ZJM make a cute and funny father-daughter duo. YH is pure comedy in many of his scenes. His jealousy of LY is endearing.

  2. I watched this drama just now (no english sub) and I am impressed! Really nice CGI, beautiful colors n great cinematography. Mayhaps they can do without the wings…

    I am excited. Hopefully it will be sub in english. :)

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