Promo Round-up: Vacation of Love

Vacation of Love stars Yao Chen as a talent agent rejected by her crush – who also happens to be the singer she is managing (Zheng Yunlong). She becomes acquainted with the carefree Hou Hao (Bai Yu) while on holiday at Sanya, and a bickering romance begins.

The 36 episode drama airs daily on Beijing TV.

Insert song by Shen Yicheng, Ending theme by Liu Yuning

The secondary romance stars Zhang Jingchu and Da Peng as a divorced couple who still put up pretences for the sake of their family members. The drama is slated to premiere next month on Beijing TV.

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  1. OMG!! I was not aware Zheng Yunlong would even act in a drama? Really looking forward to watching him. I support most of Bai Yu’s projects so will definitely be watching this.

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