Not married (or dating), but with kids: Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu

Zhang Bichen, winner of The Voice 2014 and singer of several popular drama theme songs, has confirmed that she has a toddler daughter with Super Boy winner and popular singer-songwriter Hua Chenyu.

Zhang Bichen posted a lengthy Weibo post explaining that while she was dating Hua, they never imagined they would marry and have kids. Consequently, when Zhang did find out she was pregnant in Fall 2018, she decided to break off her relationship with Hua and give birth to their child alone. It was only after her daughter’s birth that she regretted her decision, believing that Hua should have a right to know about his daughter and participate in her childhood.

Hua Chenyu also posted a Weibo confirming pretty much the same thing, and also wrote that their daughter loves to sing and dance along to Bullfighting (cute). His PR team has confirmed that Hua is currently single, but that he will continue to support their family like any father would.

This sounds like it could have been pulled straight out of a Mills and Boon novel, but congratulations nevertheless.

6 thoughts on “Not married (or dating), but with kids: Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu

  1. This is the mature professional way to handle controversies. Reads like a Cinderella story compared to Zheng Shuang’s dumpster fire.

  2. Yup, they are definitely sugar-coating what really happened to preserve Hua’s reputation. Not that it’s reliable proof of course but there is a screenshot circulating on Weibo of someone’s comment from several years ago, accusing Hua of being a bad boyfriend wanting Zhang to abort their baby. Obviously probably seemed like just crazy talk back then but now it might make sense?

    Anyways, regardless of the details in this case, it’s good to see both parents have taken responsibility even though it was an oopsie pregnancy, and are committed to being loving parents to their child. That’s really the most important thing so good for them.

    (I do wonder if any more bombs will be dropping in C-ent…now is definitely the perfect time because any other scandal will simply pale in comparison to ZS…)

    • Some people are so empty inside so they make unwarranted comments about others. May I suggest you take 365 days to mind your own business and the same 365 days to leave others alone. Blessing to Hua Chenyu in the decisions he makes. You can’t keep a good man down.

  3. the PR letter is so fake. anyone who has been in a real relationship would know that obviously they got pregnant by accident. he didn’t want the kid but she wanted to keep it. thus they broke up. now with zheng shuang’s incident he realized the possible consequences if this gets exposed and he seized the opportunity to make it look like he’s not abandoning the kid

    • Nevertheless, that is the only thing he can do as a public figure with such a huge following. Obviously, he would not want to anger any of his fans and ruin his image. I think anybody in the same situation as him would do the same and raise the baby. Zheng Shuang caught me by surprise because I would not expect someone like her to act that way. But I also know that her actions were leaked and it was supposed to be a secret. Who knows? Maybe Hua Chenyu also feels like same way, just like zheng shuang, but obviously he saw the consequences of her actions and decided to be safe and just decided to take care of the daughter rather than risking it.

  4. welp.

    with Zheng Shuang’s opening “shitty parent” act, Zhang Bichen seems almost saintly in comparison. ZBC and HCY picked a ripe time to come clean. Well, congratulations to them. It’s nice to be mature enough to realize that you don’t need love to co-parent a child well.

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