Zheng Shuang becomes the first artist to be publicly blacklisted by regulators

Zheng Shuang

Controversial actress Zheng Shuang, best known for her roles in Meteor Shower, Mural and Love O2O, has been condemned and banned, in writing, from future onscreen appearances by television and film regulator NRTA (formerly SARFT). The actress has been making headlines over the past few days for the use of surrogacy in the US (China has a de facto ban on all forms of surrogacy) and allegedly planning to abandon her children, who are currently in the US with her ex-husband.

The regulators have their own double standards when it comes to blacklisting artists, though this is the first time they have published an official editorial. Her upcoming dramas A Chinese Ghost Story (opposite Hou Minghao) and Masked probably won’t be able to broadcast unless they use AI to replace the actress, much like what The Message and The Glorious Era did after Zhao Lixin was quietly blacklisted.

12 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang becomes the first artist to be publicly blacklisted by regulators

  1. On a side note…OMG to Zhao Lixin…poor him!! Recently, I was rewatching Legend of Mi Yue and I was wondering why Zhao Lixin (Zhang Yi in the drama) didn’t have any new drama on air…so he was quietly blacklisted because of his post “Why didn’t the Japanese steal relics from the Palace Museum,” Zhao’s post read, “and burn it down during the eight years the Japanese occupied Beijing? “Is it in line with the nature of the invader?” – taken from BBC. Unbelievable…!! Where is the freedom of speech….

  2. I don’t want to say too much but the only thing is
    Zheng Shuang if u r excused wrong then no need to worry all ur fans are by ur side
    And if u have really done something wrong then please apologize and accept it and dont let ur fan look down on you
    We all support u
    Don’t abandon ur lovely and angle kids becoz they will bring u good luck

    Please be happy and……. All the best for ur both career life and love life

    I m ur biggest fan ever
    Lotts of love
    And remember
    Don’t do anything wrong

  3. I don’t think this punishment is excessive at all, I am honestly disgusted by ZS (her actions and attitude). As a mother of a 1-year-old maybe I am extra sensitive to this, but I just cannot get over how she callously abandoned her own two children. Even worse that she is so spiteful that she is actively preventing the kids’ dad from bringing them back to China (I heard that they may end up in foster care if the dad’s visa expires and he can’t stay in the USA but the kids can’t leave). Her attitude in the leaked recordings where she wants the 7-month pregnant surrogates to abort the babies is despicable. On top of that she doesn’t even seem apologetic at all.

    The two innocent lives she brought into this world and then abandoning them are the true victims here, I feel so sad for them.

    • Does all that virtue signaling make you feel better? Does it make you feel a paragon of a human being?

      • ??? What does this even mean, why would this make me feel better in any way? Not sure what is the point of you replying to me, just ignore my post if it bothers you.

        You know what would actually make me feel better though? Knowing that the two children in this situation will be taken care of, that’s really the only important part in all this. Honestly if ZS were to get un-blacklisted in return for her signing the documents that would allow the kids to return to China with the dad, I’d be all for that. (Not going to call them “her kids” because she clearly wants nothing to do with them and in fact seems to want them to just disappear so they aren’t a problem to her anymore.)

    • You’re a misogynistic cyberbully. If China really wanted to ban surrogacy in foreign country, it could specifically make the law apply there. Then people could be punished if they did so. Instead, you will cyberbully actresses hysterically and use pseudolegal means for the state to engage in cyberbullying.

      • Seriously ? Expressing an opinion on a site that she does not even see is cyberbullying? If the opinion is positive, it is not cyberbullying; but if the opinion is negative, it is cyberbullying? You can’t have it both ways, mate.

        If you don’t already know, aside from her (& her parents’) highly questionable moral principles, she is also a major tax evader. That by the laws of every country in this world is already a crime. There, nothing grey here.

  4. I’m conflicted when a person’s moral failures in personal matters cause an end to their professional career. This won’t ameliorate damages already done, and will likely cause greater harm.

    In this case, she and her family insisted that they didn’t have the resources to take care of the kids even before the kids were born. The ex-husband has large debts that he has not repaid. What Chinese government officials have done is not doing the babies any favors. They should’ve put her professional future on probation to compel her to make amends.

  5. Punishment is excessive imo. It’s a personal dispute between her and her partner, just let them settle it themselves. It’s not NRTA’s job to handle this type of thing..

  6. I know this has nothing to do with the whole thing but I could see Guan Xiao Tong replacing her in A Chinese Ghost Story.
    Also, I’m so sad because she was one of my favorite actresses

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