Photoshoot round-up: Douyin Star Night

Guan Xiaotong

Studios have released perfectly photoshopped pictures of their stars ahead of the broadcast of Douyin’s event (although it probably isn’t getting the level of attention it would like at the moment…). Catch the stars on the red carpet now at Youku.

Red carpet compilation: Ladies & Gents

Song Qian
Jin Chen
Bai Jingting
Li Xian
Ouyang Nana
Qin Hailu
Qi Wei
Ren Min
Tan Songyun
Tong Yao
Zhang Ziyi x Wang Yibo
Tong Yao x Bai Jingting
Qi Wei x Ren Min
Zhao Liying
Zhao Lusi
Yuan Bingyan
Wang Yuan
Xiao Zhan
Wang Yibo

1 thought on “Photoshoot round-up: Douyin Star Night

  1. Guan Xiatong looks like a princess from a dark fairy tale. It might not be the most original look, but she stands out regardless because she pulls it off.
    I like the duo/group shots of the attendees: they have a movie still-like quality to them.

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