Friday Photos

Li Yifeng

Random posters, stills, and photos that caught our eyes lately. Any that caught yours?

Yang Mi
Qin Lan x Wang Hedi for rom-com The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love 无法恋爱的理智派
Ruyi costars Xin Zhilei, Janine Chang reunite in COSMO
Liu Shishi as ‘white rose’ Jiang Nansun (My Best Friend’s Story)

1 thought on “Friday Photos

  1. I’m liking the promotional shots for “Moonlight” and “The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love”. The former feels like a sweet campus romance (when it’s really about a grown woman becoming the live-in assistant of a literary wunderkind) and the latter a glamorous noir (I mean the legal world is a cut-throat world).

    Haha I’ve just imagined a story for the photo with Xin Zhilei and Janine Chang: they’re two women (preferably in the political sphere) who find out they’re the girlfriends of the same man and they plot to bring him down à la “The Other Woman”, but then they find themselves in some kind of conspiracy.

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