Character posters for Song Yiren, Guo Junchen’s period rom-com

Her Fantastic Adventures 第二次初见 stars Song Yiren (Professional Single) as a shot put athlete with a love for pork. She accidentally time travels after being forced to leave her career behind, getting rejected by her first love and arguing with her mum.

In the ancient timeline, she encounters Prince Duan (Guo Junchen), a guy who looks like her crush, and embarks on a journey across the lands to collect the artefacts that will lead her back to modern times. Based on the synopsis, it seems like her modern acquaintances will also be time-travelling to the ancient period.

Li Jiulin as best friend Lu Zizheng
Jiang Zixin as Du Ruoyun
Qiao Junda as Ruan Siqiong

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