Anti-Stockholm Syndrome drama The Controllers premieres today

The Controllers has been renamed to The Confidence 阳光之下, and stars Peng Guanying and Cai Wenjing in a cat-and-mouse game between a deranged criminal and a heroine who doesn’t suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

The 40 episode drama released 4 episodes this afternoon for Mango TV members – it should be officially available for international viewers in a couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Stockholm Syndrome drama The Controllers premieres today

  1. I watched two episodes of this and it’s way better than I could’ve imagined.
    It’s so rare to see a long-ish drama to be so fast-paced, to nail both the crime-thriller parts and also the emotional-relationship parts, to have the leads be well-dressed but not too well-dressed as to be unrealistic, and to look clean without being too stylized. Script and acting are both also solid.

    Probably the first drama that has kept my attention after two episodes in a very, very long time.

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