Promo Round-up: Legend of Fei

Legend of Fei depicts the growth of a female warrior (Zhao Liying) in a time when the influence and power of the pugilist world (wulin) is on decline. Wang Yibo costars as her love interest and the Prince of Duan. [Extended]

Zhao Liying made her disappointment with the script very obvious on Weibo during filming, and now I’m really curious about the final product. Members can stream the first 8 episodes at 9am tomorrow (CN time) and then watch 2 episodes every Mon-Thurs.

I still think all the trailers released so far are pretty average.

1 thought on “Promo Round-up: Legend of Fei

  1. 2 episodes in: I think the story itself is moving at a snappy pace, and Zhao Liying is doing a great job as Zhou Fei. I wish the director would stop zooming in on some of the characters one by one though – it’s not like they’re capable of showing me anything more than what I can already see.

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