Stars enter jianghu for Cosmo Glam Night 2020

All aboard the Ni Ni and Liu Shishi ship!

Cosmo Glam Night‘s photos took on the Fearless Jianghu theme, and they look pretty good. I just wish more actors had time to take these. Which looks are your favourite?

Liu Shishi x Ni Ni promoting their new drama My Best Friend’s Story. It’s looking to air in late Dec / early Jan.
Tang Yan
Tong Liya
Xin Zhilei
Li Qin in a dress that reminds me a wedding cake
Song Qian
Liu Mintao
Cecilia Boey
Zhou Yutong
Janine Chang
Li Yuchun
Wang Ju
Ouyang Nana
Jin Chen
Calvin Chen x Vanness Wu
Meng Meiqi
Liu Yuxin
Hu Yitian – currently seen in You Complete Me on Tencent.
Charmaine Sheh

1 thought on “Stars enter jianghu for Cosmo Glam Night 2020

  1. My favorite dress is actually Qiao Xin’s. It’s classy but modern, sexy but elegant, and fits her figure perfectly. She’s had a couple of gorgeous looks lately.

    The other ones I liked are Jiang Shuying’s second look, Li Yuchun’s look, Tong Liya’s look, Coco Lee’s look, and Liu Mintao’s looks. I thought Xin Zhilei’s photos were stunning when I first saw them but the dress felt a bit underwhelming on the red carpet. I also actually liked Ni Ni’s look. I love it when she goes with bold colors, and this dress reminds me a lot of her green and pink suit a couple of years ago (that I think is one of her best suit look of all times).

    Vanness Wu has my favorite men’s look out of the photos here.

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