Luo Yunxi, Cheng Xiao begin filming modern romance Lie to Love

Lie to Love 良言写意 stars Luo Yunxi (Love Is Sweet) as Li Zeliang, a formerly successful CEO who now suffers from depression and chronic loneliness. Cheng Xiao (Legend of Awakening) plays Su Xieyi, the ex-girlfriend who is back for revenge after evidence suggests the hero may have been involved in her father’s bankruptcy and eventual death.

Su Xieyi joins Li Zeliang’s company to try and unravel the truth behind her family’s tragedy. Ji Xiaobing (Be With You) plays lawyer Xie Minghao, Su Xieyi’s trusted friend and mentor with a bucket load of dangerous secrets. He was initially engaged to older sister Su Xieqing, yet develops feelings for the heroine instead. Tian Yitong costars as Shi Chuchu, an heiress who initially has a crush on Li Zeliang yet later falls in love with the hero’s best friend.

Helmed by the producers behind Love Is Sweet, the 30 episode Tencent web drama is directed by Chen Chang (Dating in the Kitchen) and written by Hu Xiaoshuai (My Girlfriend) and Yan Nei. Costume designer Ai Wen (Game of Hunting, Love Is Sweet) will also be joining, so at least the guys will look good when suited up.

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