Drama adaption of Run Freely begins filming in Harbin with Wang Anyu, Fan Chengcheng

Based on popular BL novel Run Freely by Wuzhe, You On My Left Shoulder 左肩有你 (lit.) stars Fan Chengcheng as Jiang Cheng, a studious high-schooler who is abandoned by his foster family and forced to move back with his father, a compulsive gambler. Jiang Cheng develops a rebellious streak, though everything changes when he meets the roguish Gu Fei (Wang Anyu).

Child actress Wang Shengdi (The Bad Kids) costars as Gu Miao. Apparently the drama will be filmed in portions, so it’s probably looking at a 2022 premiere.

The 24 episode web drama is directed by Niu Chao (second director on Zhao Wei’s So Young) and produced by Mantra Pictures / CKF Pictures (Mojin: The Lost Legend, Tientsin Mystic, Society of Four Leaves).

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