Li Yitong, Jin Han begin filming My Deepest Dream

My Deepest Dream follows the romance between mystery novelist Tan Jiao (Li Yitong) and genius student-turned-mechanic Wu Yu (Jin Han).

After falling in love at first sight on a cruise ship, both of them develop amnesia – Tan Jiao cannot remember what happened in the past one and a half years, while Wu Yu doesn’t remember what happened in the three days after the boat trip.

In the new timeline, Wu Yu’s mother and sister are murdered, and he becomes a mechanic to find out the truth. Wu Yu reunites with Tan Jiao in his shop, and they both gain the magical ability to time travel every half month.

Directed by Cai Cong (Hi, Flower) and Yu Zhongzhong (Love is Sweet), the 24 episode Tencent web drama began filming today.

Zeng Keni as Du Yu
Wang Zirui as Shen Shiyan

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