Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi begin filming modern romance South Wind Knows My Mood

H&R Century’s latest stars Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi just finished playing a couple in Dream of Chang’an, and will continue to play lovers in South Wind Knows My Mood 南风知我意.

While working in a developing region, botanist Fu Yunshen (Cheng Yi) and doctor Zhu Jiu discover a desirable medicinal plant that is a key ingredient to producing highly effective medication, and decide to take it to production after returning to China.

Back home, Fu Yunshen’s half-brother Fu Xizhou had already begun using the rare medicine in his cosmetics business, leading to a family feud. During the dispute, Fu Yunshen gets into a serious accident, research is halted, and Zhu Jiu discovers that the Fu family may be involved in her father’s death.

The 42 episode drama is directed by Li Ang (Autumn Cicada) and began filming today.

Li Xinze

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