Bromance drama Winner is King releases stills

Tan Jianci as the “father” figure

Bromance drama Winner is King 杀破狼 has finally finished filming and it unfortunately looks like every other historical drama, with almost no signs the story is set in a silkpunk ancient world. The cast looks cute, though. The series is an adaption of Priest’s BL novel of the same name, and has cast Tan Jianci (The Advisors Alliance) and Chen Zheyuan (The Handsome Siblings) as the leads.

Chen Zheyuan as the “adopted son”
Dong Yanlei with the only signs the drama focuses on mechanical machinery.
Yu Chengen
Li Hongyi
Song Jiyang
Tan Jianci
Chen Zheyuan

2 thoughts on “Bromance drama Winner is King releases stills

  1. They got Gu Yun’s “famous” mole under his left eye. Can’t tell whether the mole’s color is correct.

    To be strict, character age differences should be more clearly reflected. Right now, they all look about the same age, which is too young for Gu Yun, Shen Yi, and Chen Qing Xu, or, too old for Chang Geng and his buddies. Chang Geng was 13-14 when he was first introduced. Wondering whether this will cause the drama to suffer serious logic fail.

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