Chen Xingxu x Zhang Jingyi in Republican romance Fall in Love

Youku has released trailers for some of its upcoming dramas. Personally, I’ll be following Being A Hero and The Story of Xing Fu – which ones are you looking forward to most?

Twelve Legends – Nazha, Jasper Liu

Rattan (Siteng) – Jing Tian, Zhang Binbin

Being A Hero – Chen Xiao, Wang Yibo

Falling Into Your Smile – Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao (BTS)

The Story of Xing Fu – Zhao Liying, Liu Wei, Luo Jin (guest)

Qingluo 清落 – Liu Xueyi, Wang Ziwei
Genius physician Qingluo embarks on a journey to find her son’s biological father

Datang Mingyue / Bright Moon of the Tang Dynasty – Nazha, Xu Weizhou

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2 thoughts on “Youku promo round-up: Falling into Your Smile, Being A Hero and more”

  1. A number of good ones…and a couple of boring ones. LOoking Forward to the new CGI dramas…Looks more high tech.

  2. Wow. Awesome more dramas to watch during these strange times!!! Good to hunker down at home safely away from Covid 19!
    They all look great. Xu Kai/Wang Libo are my bias and so is Zhao Liying. :) squeeeee
    Rattan looks interesting – Zhang Bin Bin looks so yummy. What can I say – I am shallow.

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