Novoland: The Princess from Plateau 九州·朱颜记 stars Peng Xiaoran (Goodbye My Princess) as Ye Lingshuang, an ordinary maiden who grows up with the beloved youngest princess of the grasslands Qi Hairui / Zhuyan. The girls become best friends, and Ye Lingshuang swears allegiance to the princess.

Unfortunately, the Kingdom of Zhao’s ambitious ruler Yu Xiuming (Feng Shaofeng) conspires a plan to take over the grasslands, which eventually leads to Qi Hairui’s suicide. Ye Lingshuang vows to avenge the death of her princess, and enters Yu Xiuming’s palace under a new identity. The emperor develops an interest in Ye Lingshuang after realising her true motive, and the heroine becomes torn between loyalty to her homeland and love.

Zhu Zhengting costars as Yi Wuyou, a descendant of the winged tribe who must restore his kingdom. Based on the novel by Zhan An, the drama is directed by Zhong Shujia (Fighter of the Destiny) and began filming just over a week ago.

Concept poster

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is exciting and notably Peng Xiaroan is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously she has no ‘bad’ angle. Ohhh, I do have a fondness and weakness for thse love-hate tropes. I will defintiely check it out.

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