The official announcement was made two hours ago…

The Legend of Xiao Chuo stars Tang Yan, Charmaine Sheh and Lu Shan as sisters who marry into three different branches of the royal family, and eventually find themselves in a deadly power struggle. Shawn Dou plays a powerful general and Xiao Chuo’s true love, while Jing Chao plays her husband.

The 48 episode drama airs daily on Beijing TV. Tencent VIP members will be able to watch 8 episodes on the first day.

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2 thoughts on “Tang Yan, Shawn Dou’s Legend of Xiao Chuo premieres tonight”

  1. My first reaction was “only 48 episodes?!”. And then smacked myself because it’s still a huge number. Anyway, none of Tang Yan’s dramas have ever grabbed me but I’ll give this a shot, hoping for some decent politicking.

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