Stars brave the cold for ELLE Style Awards

Below are some of the stars’ red carpet looks for the ELLE event – which ones are your favourite?

Tang Yan
Yang Mi
Bai Lu
Tao Hong
Xin Zhilei
Myolie Wu
Mao Xiaotong
Zhang Xueying
Chen Xiaoyun
Chen Yuqi
Zhu Xudan
Zhao Lusi
Zhong Chuxi
Qi Wei
Qiao Xin
Song Yanfei / Cecilia Boey
Yuan Shanshan
Chen Duling
Huang Mengying
Yumiko Cheng
Lin Yun
Jiang Shuying
Wang Feifei
Zhang Jiani
Cai Xukun
Liu Haoran
Zhang Yunlong

3 thoughts on “Stars brave the cold for ELLE Style Awards

  1. My favorite is Qiao Xin’s. Also like Tang Yan(?)’s second look.
    Not sure if you’ve seen the photoshoot for this, was kind of disappointed after how good last year’s was. I feel like this year has a more fun concept, but last year’s photoshoot were much better executed.

  2. Oh my, I love Zhang Xueying’s dark olive green gown! 😍 The hairstyle and the accessories were great choices, she looks like a 50s starlet. My second favorite look is Zhao Yusi’s, she radiates girlishness and elegance at the same time.

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