Dramas promo round-up: A Love Never Lost, Who Is Murderer and more

Over the past week, Mango TV, Tencent and iQiyi have released teasers and promos for select dramas that will probably air next year (follow the links for more information). Which ones are you looking forward to most?

A Love Never Lost – Li Xian, Chun Xia

Who Is Murderer – Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, Dong Zijian

iQiyi Lights On miniseries, to air next year

My Treasure – Liu Mintao, Wen Qi [Trailer]

Dear Missy (Gossip Girl) – Li Yitong, Jin Chen

Out of the Dream 梦见狮子 – Yao Chi (as a stage producer / cosplayer) x Chen Yusi (as an opera singer) [Trailer]

The Master of Cheongsam 一剪芳华 – Zhang Haowei, Gai Yuexi [Trailer]

My Heroic Husband – Guo Qilin, Song Yi [Trailer]

Astringent Girls / Brilliant Girls – Yin Tao, Song Yi, Zhao Jinmai [Trailer]

A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 – Song Jia, Jiang Xin, Tong Dawei
Focuses on the stress being levelled on primary school children as they try to pass high school entrance exams. [Trailer]

The Starting Line 起跑线 is a similar-themed drama that focuses on the various extra-curricular activities young children are forced to attend, and stars Liu Tao and Li Guangjie.

Wild Hunt 狂猎 (lit.) – Qin Hao, Yin Fang
Directed by Cao Dun (The Longest Day in Chang’an), the 12 episode series focuses on two forest police who are ambushed and wounded by a group of poachers. Five years later, the surviving police officer (Qin Hao) now works as a park ranger. However, he has never forgotten his true responsibility.

Dream of Chang’an – Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi

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  1. A Lost Never Lost looks SUPER lit. I’ve never finished anything with Li Xian before and I have so so impression of him though. Who’s the Murderer, Wild Hunt, Heroic Husband are also on my list. I hope one of these release soon.

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