The Matriarch 当家主母 (lit.) focuses on the art of kesi (silk weaving) during the early Qing dynasty. Jiang Qinqin (Tribes and Empires) plays the decisive Shen Cuixi, a resilient woman who props up the Ren household after her husband, played by Xu Haiqiao, goes missing.

Together with her husband’s childhood sweetheart Zeng Baoqin (Yang Rong), they protect the Ren family’s traditional silk weaving technique from those who hold ill will. Zhang Huiwen plays Shen Cuixi’s trusted maid, while Mao Zijun costars as Shen Cuixi’s first love.

Supporting cast members include Kara Hui, Wang Yu, Dong Youlin, Wang Xi and Ouyang Didi. Produced by Yu Zheng, the drama began filming in early September.

Jiang Qinqin x Xu Haiqiao
Jiang Qinqin x Mao Zijun
Zhang Huiwen x Li Yinan
Mao Zijun x Yang Rong
Yang Rong & Xu Haiqiao
Zhang Huiwen as Lin Shufang
Dong Youlin as Shuyan

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