30th Golden Eagle Awards

The Golden Eagle Awards has finally decided to untangle its messy awards categories, and created a Best Actor/Actress award where the nominations are mostly based on merit. You can tell they were trying really hard when it came to choosing winners, though it’ll take a few more rounds before the awards are going to regain its reputation.

Best Drama: Diplomatic Situation 外交风云

Outstanding Television / Web Drama (7 winners out of 34 nominations)

  • Like A Flowing River 大江大河
  • All Is Well 都挺好
  • The Thunder 破冰行动
  • A Little Reunion 小欢喜
  • The Story of Minglan 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦
  • The Longest Day in Chang’an 长安十二时辰
  • Communist Party Member Liu Shaoqi 共产党人刘少奇

Best Actor:

  • Simon Yam, One Dream One Home
  • Chen Baoguo, The Legendary Tavern
  • Wang Jinsong, The Thunder
  • Wang Kai, Like A Flowing River
  • Yi Yangqianxi, The Longest Day in Chang’an
  • Zhao Bo, Communist Party Member Liu Shaoqi

Best Actress:

  • Tong Yao, Like A Flowing River
  • Sun Li, I Will Find You A Better Home
  • Tao Hong, A Little Reunion
  • Jiang Wenli, Little Woman Under Zhengyang Gate
  • Wang Qianhua, The Red of Persimmon
  • Zhao Liying, The Story of Minglan

Best Director: Kong Sheng, Like A Flowing River

Best Screenwriter: Ma Jihong, Diplomatic Situation

Best Cinematography: Jing Chong, The Longest Day in Chang’an

Best Original Theme Song: Unforgotten, National Children 国家孩子

Audience’s Choice for Actor (Online Popularity Award): Wang Yibo with 2,662,254 votes

Audience’s Choice for Actress (Online Popularity Award): Zhao Liying 938,701 with votes

Golden Eagle Goddess: Song Qian with 3,071,040 votes

Song Qian as the Golden Eagle Goddess. Notable works: Moonshine & Valentine, Find Yourself
Congratulations to Tong Yao for winning Best Actress!
Zhao Liying
Tan Songyun
Li Yitong
Liu Tao
Yu Shuxin
Wang Kai
Li Yifeng
Wang Yibo

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