THE9 practice rooms round-up

Occasionally THE9 dances to remind us that they’re not just a MMA group who can easily chokehold one of the strongest men on The Irresistible

I’m still bitter that THE9 hasn’t had a single official practice room dance together, but here’s a round-up of my favorite covers recently.

First up, my bias Lu Keran. Her dancing style and personality is so unique and captivating in every aspect. She has the most sensual dancing style in THE9, but she’s also the shyest. She’s the most babied, the most bullied, but she also can beat everyone up (literally).

Snow Kong covers Lovesick Cars. I think her cover is better than most of the original group…

An Qi. She’s done a bunch of more sexy dance covers like this and this, but this one is hands down my favorite. It’s so clean. Also I love the backdrop.

Liu Yuxin with her teacher Lin Meng:

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