Guo Jingming’s Onmyoji adaptation releases trailer

Guo Jingming’s Onmyoji 阴阳师 adaptation released its first trailer today to prepare for its Christmas opening. I don’t know why Hollywood continues to build crappy sets like this one for Shang-Chi when even a Guo Jingming CGI-fest looks like this.

The film stars Mark Zhao, Deng Lun, Wang Ziwen, Chun Xia, and Wang Duo. How does this compare to Chen Kun and Zhou Xun’s Yinyang Master, which has the same name in Chinese?

3 thoughts on “Guo Jingming’s Onmyoji adaptation releases trailer

  1. Man, xianxia dramas could look like this if they were like 12 episodes instead of 50. I realised after watching The Bad Kids and The Long Night that their production value was pretty good probably cause of the length (and also the time period), and started wishing iqiyi or any other production company would focus on making high quality costumed dramas that are around 12 episodes-ish instead of the usual 50.

    • Hunan TV is actually replacing their weekly slot with supposedly more-high-quality 12-episode minidramas! I’m hoping that means they’ll up their quality.

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