Random posters, stills, and photos that caught our eyes lately. Any that caught yours? 

Love Is Sweet is my latest crack drama – it is hilarious and cute in all the right ways.
Angelababy by Chris Cui Junchao, whose popularity skyrocketed after Ouyang Nana’s twilight photoshoot
Song Qian
Song Yi, Guo Qilin in screenwriter Wang Juan’s upcoming drama My Heroic Husband
Jiang Yiyi in My Heroic Husband
Xin Zhilei
Zhao Lusi in hometown Chengdu. Watch her in currently airing rom-com Dating in the Kitchen
Ni Ni’s first fashion event with her new short bob and she’s still sexy as usual
Li Qin’s birthday shoot. Happy Birthday!
Ding Yuxi floating about in the outskirts of Shanghai

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