Drama Promos Round-Up: Midautumn Festival + National Day

I wonder if Xu Kaicheng also thinks Zhang Tian’ai looks similar to his former co-star Wang Shuang.

Today’s both the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in China, so once again it’s a chance for dramas to come up with nice holiday-fitting promos. Happy Holidays if you celebrate either one, and Happy October if you don’t!

Here’s a bonus Moon Festival version of Upwards Toward the Moon from today. The stage is beautiful.

Song of Youth
Matron – Jiang Qinqin X ZHang Huiwen
Brocade Heart Like Jade 锦心似玉
Couple of Mirrors
Please Feel at Ease, Mr. Jing
Fall in Love
Like a Flowing River 2
Chang’an Awakening

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