Promo Round-up: Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet stars Bai Lu as the heroine who is allergic to tears and Luo Yunxi as her protector. Gao Hanyu plays the hero’s rival, while Xiao Yan and Wang Yilun will have their own love line.

The 36 episode drama releases 2 eps every Sun-Tues and will be English-subbed on iQiyi international site and the app beginning tonight (Sept 27th).

Ending theme song by Sunnee

Playlist of promos

3 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Love Is Sweet

  1. I like this drama so far watching at episode 6… Great style, clothing, n chemistry. Luo Yunxi needs to gain some weight. He is too skinny… :(
    Bai Lu is my girl crush – after watching her in The Legend. LOL…

  2. Watched a few episodes and everyone is attractive and has chemistry with each other. Luo Yunxi has some of the best suit looks for a modern drama of late.

    Luo Yunxi’s character felt way too condescending at first, but seems like a theme of the show is for Bai Lu to show him that he’s wrong, so I’m okay with that.

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