Zhao Liying, Luo Jin begin filming The Story of Xing Fu

The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 stars Zhao Liying as Xing Fu, a young woman from a rural village who is willing to go to great lengths to obtain a fair result for all involved. Luo Jin guest stars as her lawyer.

Not one to be afraid of those in power, Xing Fu takes village branch secretary Wan Shantang (Liu Wei) to court after the latter forcibly takes over her in-laws’ farm plot.

Xing Fu’s frosty relationship with Wan Shantang thaws after he helps to save her life during a difficult birth. However, one of Xing Fu’s earlier complaint letters brings discipline inspectors to the village, and she is forced to leave for the city with her husband (Tang Zeng) after being shunned by the villagers.

Xing Fu manages to overcome the various problems plaguing her tourism business and the village factory and eventually wins the respect of the people around her.

The 45 episode drama is directed by Zheng Xiaolong (Legend of Mi Yue, ER Doctors) and written by Zhao Dongling (Hunting, In Law We Believe).

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