Promo Round-up: The Long Night

The literal translation is The Silent Truth.

It’s here! The much anticipated The Long Night stars Bai Yu as an upright prosecutor who is found dead in a suitcase. Liao Fan and Tan Zhuo costar. [Character descriptions]

iQiyi’s mystery thrillers have all been messed up by censors to some degree (apparently Sisyphus went back and forth between the editing room and SARFT 8 times), so I’m trying to keep my expectations low for this one.

The 12 episode drama will be English-subbed on the iQiyi app.

7 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: The Long Night

  1. I’m halfway through, and it may topple Bad Kids from top position in my 2020 best dramas list. Love how the show inter-cuts between the three timelines.

  2. Was Bad Kids also messed with? They’re all on my to watch list, but I know that one has gotten great reviews.

  3. SARFT is run by boomers who are clueless in the concept of soft power. Only hope is that they step down soon and let the savy younger generation run the show.

    • Not sure whether the Bureau of Propaganda, which is now in charge of SARFT, will allow this to happen. Apparently when it took over, it put in SARFT long-time Communist Party members who had no working experience in arts and entertainment. Even if it were to replace these people, it would likely still look for similarly unqualified people.

    • I’m just waiting for the inevitable “Director’s Cut” version of dramas/movies that will be released when regulations are relaxed one day. Would love to experience their works the way the creators meant them to be experienced.

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