Hu Ge begins filming Wong Kar-wai’s Blossoms Shanghai

Based on Jin Yucheng’s award-winning story, Blossoms Shanghai 繁花 tells the story of Ah-Bao (Hu Ge), a young entrepreneur eager to climb the social ladder during China’s economic boom. Tang Yan costars as one of his three love interests.

The 30 episode web drama is directed by Wong Kar-wai and written by Qin Wen (The First Half of My Life, Love Yourself) and began filming a few days ago. The director was previously attached to an Amazon-produced crime drama Tong Wars – that project has now been dropped.

2 thoughts on “Hu Ge begins filming Wong Kar-wai’s Blossoms Shanghai

  1. Hoping they will speak Shanghainese in the drama since they cast Hu Ge who speaks it and and also because the book it’s based on was written in Shanghainese.

    • Wait sorry I don’t understand. What do you mean the book was written in Shanghainese? Aren’t dialects only an indication of speaking/pronouncing differently but the written words are still the same?

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