Photographer Friday: Liu Zongyuan

Known for his use of light to decorate his objects, Liu Zongyuan’s photographs often feel like they come from the impressionist school of painting. You might remember him from the famous Mulan-like photoshoot he did for Liu Yifei, but that photoshoot is not even up there among his best. He often brings an ethereal beauty to his subjects and their surroundings. Liu Yifei is probably Liu Zongyuan’s most common muse and the one who put him on the map, but he is also a frequent collaborator with actresses like Liu Shishi (who loves him so much she got him to do her wedding shoot) and Li Qin.

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Angelababy by Liu Zongyuan
Angelababy by Liu Zongyuan

And finally, a collection of Liu Yifei by Liu Zongyuan, organized by time for to see how they’ve changed together over the years:

One of Liu Zongyuan’s early cover shoots of Liu Yifei that helped him make his name.

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