Yang Zi, Jing Boran cast in healing drama Psychologist

Yang Zi plays He Dun, the titular character in the loose adaption of Bi Shumin’s novel of the same name. The drama will follow the heroine’s growth trajectory as she comes to accept and understand her childhood trauma and learns to repair her relationship with her mother. Jing Boran costars as Qian Kaiyi, the co-host of He Dun’s radio show and her love interest.

Some of the cases the drama will deal with include:

  • The wife that accuses her husband of being unfaithful vs. the husband who thinks she is delusional
  • The daughter who has suffers from a controlling mother vs. the mother who has in turn been influenced by her own mother
  • The patient who suffers from anxiety vs. the patient suffering from depression
  • The victim of online abuse who turns into the abuser
  • The patient who suffers from antisocial personality disorder
  • The man who struggles with indecisiveness and procrastination

Psychologist 女心理师 is helmed by Sam Quah, the director of last year’s dark horse film Sheep Without a Shepherd, and written by Zhu Li, who is also working on Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s rom-com. The 40 episode drama will begin filming in October.

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